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Gamblin' Fool---GF, thanks for the great night!.
 The tank is on fire!!  Greatest place on the Web-----posted by: Blackjack 1/13/2002

    The Hog and the Dog
    Best betting site I know.... Posted by Nico   on Jan-17

 The BALL HOG Bookie Barbecue is On ! !
The BALL HOG is on a tremendous money-making journey His total unit accumulation ito date  is 200 UNITS...... by TW  1/15/2021

Las Vegas Beware!"
 This place is simply Bookie HELL ! ..09-02- Scranton. ... BALL HOG 

 "Ghost Dog and Ball Hog sweep the board!!
This is the greatest place on the internet!
Posted by "Frog" 5/15/21

Congratulations to "Crow" 
6-0 and now a 3-0...
Great capping......Ghost Dog  March 24

Hey TW ...
Keep printing that money baby!
Posted by Uncle Leroy on Nov-22 2:38 PM .

Just Wow.

 Ghost was untouchable this weekend. Amazing work and thank you. Congrats to all the other winners, your coattails are Nico Oct 25

.....Posted by Blackjack, Tenn -- Oct 28, 2020 

Thinkwin has the greatest group of cappers than any site in cyberspace"...11-05-2006...."box and one" 

Thank You!
"I Just wanted to jump in and say thanks again to everyone! I follow along and want you guys to know I appreciate the hard work! Fun time of year with March Madness around the corner, NBA playoffs will start up and MLB gets going. The Think Tank rules".-----by"Stickbit"......Feb.24,2020

Went fishing last night

and hit a six team parlay so thank you for all the winners yesterday keep up the great work!
Posted by delimaned on Jan-11 2020

"Las Vegas Beware!"
 "This place is simply Bookie HELL!"
--Posted by BALL HOG 

 U guys killed it yesterday
which meant so did I since I ride yalls backs! Haha. Posted by Uncle Leroy Fla/  Nov-03

Major props to The BALL HOG 
who is off to a strong 6-1 start to the NFLseason and is also having a phenomenal baseball season being up over
52 units (67 - 38 record to date). All baseball cappers are holding their own, and that forum has prospered right through the world series in recent years. by TW Sept  14, 2021

Ghost Dog
Thanks to you I got audited by the IRS for hitting your3 team parley and round robin --- it put me
 in a higher tax bracket. Keep up he good work and I might escape to the islands before they get me.
When you say play it ---- Im delimaned N.Y. on Thurs Aug-22 2019

"The books must hate this place!
"-------Royal Flush.Ca.

"Best group of cappers I have ever known and read" ...Ray D. Texas   

Hey Big Ear
I know sometimes we forget to say thanks but I have rode u all year and u r killing it just like u always have.
Thanks for the picks my friend! ........Posted by Uncle Leroy on Fri.Nov-09 .Fla.

In Ancient Times , "The Three Wisemen" traveled many miles in the desert
to find the Promised Land and build a Temple.   In Tank Land we enjoy the services of many more Wise-guys than just a measly Three. 
  I give Thanks during  Festivus Holy Bowling Days for the Tanks best Wisemen......Posted by Ghost Dog Navato Ca.  on Dec-31

 I would like to say THANKS to everyone involved in this group!
As far as consistency and insight this group continues to take down the man year after year.
Thank you for all the friendships I have made by way of the greatest website on the net!!
Posted by Royal Flush onThurs Nov-22  Ca.

The BALL HOG continues his roll going 2-0 last night. 
 He is approaching his former legendary status as being one of the best NBA cappers in the world. 
Here he is winning one of his other numerous awards circa 2008.  This particular pose was for the "Handsomest Hog Award".
Notice the collar of 2000 genuine Samoan pearls !..Posted by Thinkwin  on Jun-01

The books must hate this place!"...... ....... Royal Flush,  

"I agree with everyone"....."This is the best sports site"...Soupy 

I have been coat tailing your picks all summer. Keep up the great work.
You're making my summer money look good. Posted by BALL HOG on  Fri. Jun-14

Not giving the books ....a ghost of a chance!
Be careful, if you carry on like this, you could get arrested for cruelty to Vegas!
Youíve got them spooked! Great capping, ghost.... on a supernatural level!
Posted by billy shears on Monday May-27th

Nice Ghost Dog
17-1 says it all!    
Posted by Dixie on Monday Jun-03 6:56 PM  

A Tip of the Ghost Hat to CAPT HOOK 10-4 on a big card !
This ghostly fella went 7-1 ,only losing a small Favorite on BoSox 1-2.
Posted by Ghost Dog   on Sun Apr-28 1:04 AM

The Gamblin' Fool's NHL
 33-13 run, 8-3 playoffs,,*Best Bets 9-4..
Posted by The Gamblin' Fool on SunApr-14 3:32 PM

Great Baseball Capping
 by Red Lio
n 10-2 run and CAPT HOOK 8-1 FRI !
Posted by Ghost Dog on Fri Apr-06, 2019

Hey Bettinman and Cup

Thanks for paying for all the Christmas gifts I bought this year. U guys r on fire !
Posted by Uncle Leroy on Dec-22 10:55 PM

Another great night winning three out of four. That will keep the troops happy.
Thanks for the winners once again!!....Posted by Frog on Nov-08 7:44 AM

I went 11 and 0 Saturday riding tank picks
Thanks fellas!.. ....  Uncle Leroy on Sunday Oct-14 11:09 AM

12-0 Saturday for Ghost Dog
10-0 MLB and 2-0 NFLX
         Incredible ! .....Posted by Thinkwin on Aug-12  2018 

The Gamblin' Fool....
Endless winners,
  Your amazing in all sports, and with nights like last night you remind me that your the best capper i have witnessed in many years. Not to take away from the other beast cappers in here, but your consistency over the number of games played is incredible!  ...Posted by LORDMOHS   on Jan-13 2:24 PM      

Great to be part of an amazing place. 
 What a handicapping tool, especially in areas or sports where you may not have the best track record or handicapping success - for me personally that is the NFL and NBA.  Many, many times just log on, do about 5 minutes of researching board picks and more often than not come out with a profit......
Posted by T-rock   on Jan-10 8:05 AM       

  ThinkTank....awesome place...
it amazes me that this place doesn't have 100's of subscribers.....with all the expertise here in capping you would think people would realize they could make some money here.....Posted by box and one   

  know i've said this over and over for 10 years or  so... 
but damn.. i love this guys are awsome....posted by redlion   on Dec-09  20104:53 AM

Ran the table with a perfect 13-0 SWEEP.

 You are the GREATEST and thanks TW for the great site.
Posted by Stormrider   on Nov-21 9:03 AM   

WOW! What a sick day for the Tank!! Excellent job everybody!!
Too many Kudos to mention so slap your "Winner" next to your winners you sick puppies!!   If anybody saw
Paul Williams get KTFO tonight, that's what Y'all did to the Books today......Posted by CSA   on Nov-21 12:29 AM   

 "AWESOME SITE----- THE BEST I'VE EVER SEEN!!!".....Lance Hawaii 3/1/2007

"Smitty"---- I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your advice on the Fantasy Football
  I did not use your advice every week, but the weeks I did helped me stay on top.  From your book on How to draft to win, from trade advice(yes and no) to some starter questions; it all worked out in my favor....** WON MY LEAGUE this year !!   BIG PAYOUT.....
Posted by HuskerDude15   on Dec-28 2009  

"Best group of cappers I have ever known and read" ...Ray D. Texas

Keep up the great work guys.   You are amazing.   
My pocket book thanks all of you...Posted by "Ward"  Nov-03 2008 1:20 PM   

Thinkwin has the greatest group of cappers than any site in cyberspace"...11-05-2006...."box and one" 
"This is by far and away the greatest forum on the Net" ..11-05-2006   "Tsunami Fla."

"I love this site...if you can read you can win"...08-26-2005  "postman"

"Count me in.  I'm a Lifer!..."Just renewed Thanks!...... 08/13/08 "Mark L"..San Jose Ca.
"I agree with everyone"....."This is the best sports site"...Soupy 07/31/08

I LOVE THIS  PLACE YOU GUYS ROCK--- Posted by "lordmohs"   on Oct-05 2008 7:40 PM  


 "This is by far and away the greatest forum on the Net" ..11-05-2006   "Tsunami Fla."

Crow....Congrats for hitting the SEC championship on the nose.  Side, ML and total,  awesome.
  Puts you at an incredible 63 pct. with  that league.  A fantastic season sir, ...
Posted by dagimp   on Dec-05 2009 8:28 PM

 THANKS TANK for a 7-1 start to my NFL season! 
I just lurked and took the consensus picks.  Looking forward to another great season in the TANK!
Posted by HuskerDude15   on Sep-14 2009

 GREAT BUNCH OF CAPPERS HERE ...09-02-2007 - .....maxwell 

$$$$$$$$ ... Tank ATM is working! ...
 ..cant wait for next week!...
09-01-2007 - xy45 

Anyone who plays this game should hang out here to better themselves otherwise they just don't care to win!... ROYAL FLUSH . Sep-18 2008 

"Thinkwin....This is  the finest sports forum on the net, and you are among the elite
 handicappers anywhere, bar none.  So THANKS!!!" [Date/Time=05-15-2008 - 11:55 AM]    Dakota,

Great job Thinkwin ( EAST-WEST win report)
This is a phenomenal job of handicapping. I have friends that pay an enormous amount of money  for service plays
 that don't even have a winning record. I'll put your performance up against any service on the internet for
 consistently providing winners..... 03-04-2008 - 6:36 PM]... "southernfox"

 "You guys amaze me!"......Posted by drewjr   on Jul-22 2008 2:05 PM 


Major shout outs.....This place is awesome .....9-03-2006... "Nico" OC Ca

Keep up the great work guys.   You are amazing.   
My pocket book thanks all of you...Posted by "Ward"  Nov-03 2008 1:20 PM   

"Thanks  for making this the best place for all sports out there"...
Posted by "Big Ten" Sept-14, 2008 

 "EAST-WEST WIN REPORT".. you're are the best one close.
my guy is bleeding bad and all because of you...thank you, thank you, thank you
[Date/Time=11-20-2007 - 4:32 PM]    redlion, 

Thank you just bought me 2 new snowmobiles for the family 
11-18-2007 - 4:56 PM]    Keto, Sweden
How do you find someone to even take your action? 
Who ever it is must have a large reserve in the ATM!....[Date/Time=11-19-2007 - 12:23 AM]    ROYAL FLUSH, Ca.

 "This is THE best site I've been on "
.  "I'll been on this forum for three weeks and have benifiited from ALL the cappers knowledge"....11-11-2007 - 9:46 PM    "jay"

"What an awesome day... 

 I followed every play and hit  for over 30k today."" [Date/Time=11-11-2007 - 7:27 PM]..."Drew"

Thank you everyone for all your hard work and knowledge
that lets this lurker not only make a little "fun" money but learn ALOT about handicapping. ...
Date/Time=11-11-2007 - 7:40 PM]...    "Flacheezhead" 


"I just wanted to take a second and tell you what an awesome job you are doing again this year. You are easily 
the best NFL capper I have ever seen and hitting 71% so far for the year is incredible and damn near impossible.
  Anything 60% or more is incredible for an entire season".. [11-11-2007 - 11:42 AM].."Uncle Leroy".Marianna, Fla..

"Went an amazing 14-2 following the great 'cappers in the Tank"
You are the GREATEST. Thanks for a huge day!!.... "Dakota"  Sep-07 2008
"Best group of cappers I have ever known and read" ...
Ray D. Texas on on Sep-15, 2008

Greatest site on earth!!! 
I just want to thank everyone here for another great season! This is the greatest handicapping site on the planet.
2-05-2006... Uncle Leroy

Thinkwin has the greatest group of cappers than any site in cyberspace"...11-05-2006...."box and one" 

You are all awesome.  There isn't a better sports site on the net.2-06-2005 -" redlion2" Pa

"I love this site...if you can read you can win"...08-26-2005 "postman"

I travel to a lot of sites
 to get the most info on a game that I can get, but still the determining factor is the Tank! 
Thanks to all the rest of the excellent contributers....08-10-2004..   "mark"

Thinkwin is the best site in the web
I know I don't have to tell everyone for we already know. Just want to thank all the cappers here that make gambling enjoyable.  I picked up 8 units yesterday and will collect from the man tomorrow. Thanks again. ...04-16-2003 - nt325

"Thinkwin.....In all my years I have never
  saw anyone beat the man consistantly like you, ESPECIALLY in the NFL.  I have gotten slaughtered in the NFL over the years,like a lot of people.  I know. To have another perfect day,on top of your near perfect record for the season, is unbelievable.I sure hope that the people that I spoke to about this site,did themselves a big favor and joined The group of cappers at this site,in ALL sports,is second to none."   .




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